Looking for resources to deepen your understanding of the wild world of arthropods? Looking to help your children or students engage in a range of science topics through bugs? You’ve come to the right place!

Closeup of Bug Wrangler Brenna, holding a praying mantis up to the camera.

Online Bug Encounters

Online Bug Encounters is our exciting new Facebook Live series featuring all of your favorite Bug Ambassadors. We'll be going live from our Facebook Page every Wednesday at 1:00pm (MDT) to showcase all of our cool bugs! Each video session will be archived on our Online Bug Encounters web page along with an accompanying activity you can do together with your family at home.

Photo of children in a mountain meadow with butterfly nets catching insects.

What's Buzzin' in Your Backyard

Throughout the spring, summer and early fall we will introduce you to some insects and other arthropods you might find as you explore the outdoors in Montana. We'll also provide some instructions to help you find them. Check out our Backyard Bug Hunts here!

Photo of MBHI Educator Carolyn holding a leaf insect on a screen while children sit on the floor and learn.

Field Trips & Distance Learning

In a changing world we are working to make sure teachers and families still have access to our engaging field trip opportunities. Learn more about the Distance Learning programing options we have available.

Image of a radio microphone laying down on a yellow background with a black stag beetle crawling to it.

Listen to us on Montana Public Radio

Thanks to our partnership with MTPR you can catch us on the radio airwaves every Saturday at 9:29am for our podcast, Bug Bytes. On the last Wednesday of every month you can catch us when we make a guest appearance on their show, Pea Green Boat

Photo of an Australian Walking stick on a white background, in a sitting position with front legs outstretched.

Bug Ambassadors

Learn more about your favorite Bug Ambassadors through these in-depth profiles.

What's Buzzin' Blog

Our What's Buzzin' blog catalogues fun arthropod sightings our fans have had over the seasons in Montana. You can read about everything from the delicate Green Lacewing spotted near Wise River, MT, to the pair of common Melissa Blues found right here in Missoula. Check out the posts!

Notes From the Lab Blog

The Notes from the Lab blog brings you behind-the-scenes access to our lab and all of the cool creatures that call it home. Check in weekly for posts from Bug Wrangler Brenna as she gives you a look into the lives of our Bug Ambassadors. Check out the posts!


Create & Care for a Mason Bee Hotel

John Holbrook, a Blue Orchard Bee Mason Bee expert residing in Missoula, MT, shows you how to build a bee block, how the bees use the block, and what to do with the block at the end of the season in this 12-minute video. John also provides step-by-step written instructions.

A Guide to Organic Lawn Care

A Guide to Organic Lawn Care provides seasonal guidance to help you grow a safe and beautiful lawn by maintaining healthy soil. For a free copy visit the Missoula County Extension office, Currents Aquatic Center, or other project partners.

Family Friendly Resources