Summer Camps 2023

While we loved getting to partner with the YMCA, Missoula Community School, Montana Natural History Center, and spectrUM to offer bug camps this last summer, we are looking forward to hosting our own summer camps out our new facility in the summer of 2024! So make sure to check back here next year and please consider joining our email list to stay in the know about future camp registration dates.

I won’t hesitate to look for this camp and include it in our summer scheduling next year! I have video of my son presenting his science fair project to me and it is something I will cherish forever. He already knew so much about bugs, but he shocked me with the big words he was using and explanation of concepts that I don’t even fully understand. It was a super proud mom moment!

Parent of a Past Camper

A month later and I’m still hearing bits and pieces of things Morgan learned, and memories from her time in camp.

Parent of a Past Bug Camper

On the drive home each day, my two kids and their two friends would go on and on relaying all the bug facts they learned each day. They would excitedly talk over each other, getting louder and louder, kindly correcting each other ... I wish I recorded it. It was hilarious and they all learned a tremendous amount!

Parent of a Past Bug Camper

Lots of fun to be had at Bug Camp!