Igniting lifelong curiosity and awe for the natural world. Whether it’s through our unique education programs or the experiences and hands-on learning opportunities for all ages in our future facility, our efforts inspire an appreciation and understanding of “The Little Things That Run the World” (Edward O. Wilson, 1987).

As we continue to expand the reach and impact of our education programs, at the same time we’re moving toward the dream that started our organization more than a decade ago – opening a premier education facility featuring a tropical butterfly house and insectarium. There could not be a more exciting time to support our work.

As a donor, you not only support our mission, you’re a partner in this vision to create an extraordinary education resource and destination for our schools, for our communities, and for visitors to Missoula.

Donation Options:

Join the Buzz Campaign – Help us get to the finish line in this exciting effort to open
our new facility! As part of the Rocky Mountain Gardens and Exploration Center, we’re
creating the premier destination for scientific and community learning in our region.
Become a partner in achieving the dream that started our organization more than a
decade ago – opening a tropical butterfly house and insect museum in Missoula. For
more information about the project or donation options and opportunities, please contact
Glenn at glenn@missoulabutterflyhouse.org or 406-317-1211. You can also make a
campaign donation online

Make a One-time Donation – Make a donation to support our unique education programs, your favorite Bug Ambassadors, and our exciting future!

Become a Monthly Donor – Support our education efforts all throughout the year!

Membership – Stay tuned! As we draw closer to opening our new facility, we’ll unveil a new membership program and structure, providing you with free admission benefits and more.

To donate by mail, send your check (payable to Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium) to:

Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium
PO Box 8885
Missoula, MT 59807