• We’re building a new home!

    While we currently don’t have a physical location for visitors, our efforts to open a new, larger facility are charging ahead! We hope to open our new facility in the summer 2023. Become a partner in this exciting vision by making a donation or considering a gift to our capital campaign.

  • Metamorphosis in Progress

    We are currently upgrading our website and appreciate your patience during this process.

  • Watch our Online Bug Encounters!

    Join us each week for a “Bug Encounter” livestream via our Facebook page. You’ll hear fresh stories from the world of insects and arthropods and meet a variety of Bug Ambassadors. Browse our “Online Bug Encounters” page for past livestreams and family-friendly bug activities you can do in your own home!

  • Take a Virtual Field Trip!

    Let our distance learning programs spark curiosity and critical thinking in your classroom! Choose from engaging NGSS-aligned programs like Bug Biomimicry, Super Spiders; Little Things, Big Jobs; Creative Creatures; and more.

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Exploring the little things the run the world.

While we build our new home we’re offering field trips, education programs, distance learning, and summer camps which stimulate learning and curiosity through hands-on, interactive activities with some of our amazing animals. Check out our calendar to see where we’ll be next!


Butterfly License Plate

Thanks to the incredibly talented Courtney Blazon, you can now add some butterfly flair to your vehicle. For an extra $20 added to your annual registration, you can spread a bit of butterfly love. All proceeds go to support our education programs, amazing critters, and our new facility. Contact us for more information or visit your County Treasurer’s office to get yours today!

Notes From the Lab

Notes from the Lab: Insect Sleep

Sleep is nearly universal within animals. Though it may present differently between species, everyone needs a rest now and then. Insects are no exception. Sleep signatures in insects resemble those…

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Notes from the Lab: Mad Honey

Humans and honey have a long historical association. Beekeeping emerged in ancient Egypt nearly 10,000 years ago, but evidence of wild honey collection dates even further. For nearly 15,000 years, humans…

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Notes from the Lab: Entomophagy

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Cereal? Eggo waffles? Pan-fried scorpion? If consuming insects has never crossed your mind, then you’d be considered the minority. Western culture has…

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