Distance Learning

Coming soon! We’ll start scheduling these programs shortly
after the new year!

We love the wide open spaces of Montana but those same wide open spaces make it hard for some to access the exciting educational opportunities that we have to offer. The Missoula Butterfly House & Insectarium believes deeply that the power of our educational programs shouldn’t be limited by geography. With that belief in mind, we have developed an exciting and fun set of programs available to any classroom with an internet connection and web cam.

Not able to drive all the way to Missoula to learn about millipedes and centipedes? No problem. We’ll introduce your students to Milton the giant African millipede and Cersi the Vietnamese centipede via video chat! Wish you could cover ecosystem roles in a more engaging way? Let us introduce your class to live decomposers, predators and beautifully pinned pollinators.

All programs come with pre and post program activities to do at your own pace to extend the educational experience. Complete technical support is also included with each program.

What’s Included?
– Live Bug Ambassadors are featured in each and every program.
– A knowledgeable presenter that loves bugs and kids and is excited to introduce your classroom to their new 6, 8 and many-legged friends.
– Pre and post program activities to do at your own pace to extend the educational experience.
– Complete technical support to ensure a stress and hassle free experience..
– Information about how each program supports NGSS standards.

Program Descriptions:

Super Spiders: We cover everything from spider anatomy and feeding habits to how they grow and defend themselves. We’ll meet a wide range of spiders and learn to dispel tons of old and inaccurate spider myths.

Beetlemania: Did you know that there are more beetle species in the world than there are mammal, bird, fish and reptile species combined? We’ll learn all about how this beetle diversity developed, what makes a beetle a beetle and the adaptations that helped them survive and thrive in ecosystems around the world.

Little Things, Big Jobs: Who runs the world? BUGS! During this fun program students will get the chance to learn about three major roles arthropods have in our ecosystem. We’ll talk about the importance of pollination, the balancing act of predation, and the dirty but messy world of decomposition.

Millipede vs. Centipede: While at first glance millipedes and centipedes might seem like essentially the same anima, l we can assure you they are actually quite different! During this program students will become pros at recognizing the difference between these two amazing animals. You’ll even get to meet our most famous millipede, Milton, and we’ll end the program by feeding our largest centipede, Cersi.

Technical Requirements: Programs will be delivered via the video conferencing software Zoom and will be accessible to any classroom equipped with a computer with web cam, microphone and internet connection. Full tech support can be provided throughout the process as needed.

Cost: $40 per program, per class.

Program Length: Each program runs for approximately 30 – 35 minutes with 10 to 15 minutes allowed for questions at the end.

Scheduling: Programs can be scheduled any time during a typical school day. We’ll work with you to pick a date and time that works for your class.

Reach out to Carolyn Taber at 406-317-1211 or carolyn@missoulabutterflyhouse.org to schedule and learn more.