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Category Archives: What’s Buzzin’

Sweat Bee (family Halictidae)

  • April 30, 2021

Some species of sweat bees are attracted to our sweat, alighting on our skin and lapping it up for moisture and salt. They sometimes sting... Continue Reading

Echo Azure (Celastrina echo)

This species of butterfly falls in a subfamily of butterflies known as the blues because …well, the top-side of their wings is blue in color.... Continue Reading

Thin-legged Wolf Spider (genus Pardosa)

Some of the largest spiders encountered in Montana are wolf spiders …and when you see one carrying around a blue, pea-sized... Continue Reading

Stonefly Naiads (order Plecoptera)

  • April 23, 2021

Before taking to the air, stoneflies develop on the beds of rivers and streams. In this case, the scenic Blackfoot River.... Continue Reading

Colorful Zale Moth (Zale minerea)

The Colorful Zale Moth is on the wing in spring and early summer in mixed hardwood-conifer forest at lower elevations. They... Continue Reading

Goldenrod Leaf Miner (Microrhopala vittata)

This attractively striped beetle is part of the larger leaf beetle family (Chrysomelidae). While leaf beetles can vary incredibly in size... Continue Reading

Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle (Cicindela tranquebarica)

A very flashy beetle was found during the Montana Natural History Center’s Master Naturalist weekend. The naturalists likely got a good... Continue Reading

Stilt Bug (Neoneides muticus)

One look and you’ll know how these bugs earned their name. Delicate, slender and long-legged, stilt bugs are typically less than... Continue Reading

Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle (Chilocorus stigma)

This unique species of lady beetle has a descriptive, but gruesome, common name. Being all black in color, except for two... Continue Reading

European Honey Bee or Western Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)

The honey bee was one of the first domesticated insects and is the primary species kept by beekeepers for honey production... Continue Reading