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Category Archives: What’s Buzzin’

Jumping Spider, female (Pelegrina aeneola)

  • April 2, 2021

About two years ago our Development Director, Glenn, witnessed and documented a female of this species slurping up Gray Swordgrass Moth... Continue Reading

Spring Stonefly in the family Nemouridae

Spring stoneflies, as their name suggests, typically emerge as adults in spring. They are small, brownish, and unique among other stonefly... Continue Reading

Walnut Spanworm Moth, male (Phigalia plumogeraria)

We can tell right away that this is a male, because strangely enough the females don’t have wings! These early season moths... Continue Reading

Spring Field Cricket (Gryllus veletis)

After overwintering as nymphs, spring field crickets are on the move again in fields, vacant lots, and other weedy grassy areas.... Continue Reading

Snow Scorpionfly in the genus Boreus, possibly Boreus californicus

  • January 8, 2021

Snow scorpionflies are active in winter and are most often seen crawling over the surface of the snow. Sort of resembling... Continue Reading

Winter Caddisfly in the genus Psychoglypha

At first glance, caddisflies look much like their closest living relatives — the moths and butterflies. How to tell the two... Continue Reading

Snow Fleas in the genus Hypogastrura

While snow fleas are active all year round, these tiny little guys are much easier to see after the snow flies,... Continue Reading

Winter Crane Fly in the genus Trichocera

There are close to 30 species of winter crane flies in North America. Compared to some of the massive crane flies... Continue Reading

Vancouver Looper (Erannis vancouverensis), male

  • October 23, 2020

We know this particular moth is a male because the females have no wings! Vancouver Loopers are found from northwestern British Columbia south... Continue Reading

Isabella Tiger Moth Caterpillar or Woolly Bear (Pyrrharctia isabella)

This is the iconic woolly bear that is said to predict the severity of the upcoming winter. While we support the... Continue Reading