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Category Archives: What’s Buzzin’

One-eyed Sphinx Moth Caterpillar (Smerinthus cerisyi)

  • September 25, 2020

These caterpillars spend their larval life fattening up on leaves of poplars, aspens, and willows in forested and riparian habitats. With... Continue Reading

Tachinid Fly in the genus Tachina

Tachinid flies are mostly robust flies with spiny abdomens. Adult tachinid flies prefer sucking up sweet nectar from flowers, but larvae... Continue Reading

Lake Darner (Aeshna eremita)

If you are lucky enough to view these large, agile, and seemingly tireless fliers up close you can really appreciate their... Continue Reading

Hunt’s Bumble Bee (Bombus huntii)

Hunt’s Bumble Bees are one of the first bumbles we see out and about in early spring and they remain on... Continue Reading

Robber Fly (family Asilidae), likely with a Green Comma (Polygonia faunus)

  • September 18, 2020

Green Commas are certainly tough themselves, overwintering as an adult, but they’re no match for a robber fly. Perfectly described in... Continue Reading

Small Minnow Mayfly (Callibaetis ferrugineus)

Small Minnow Mayfly (family Baetidae) nymphs are strong swimmers that live in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. They feed on organic... Continue Reading

Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus)

We think this may be the first crustacean to grace What’s Buzzin’; thank you to Brenna for risking a pinch to... Continue Reading

Large Gray Dagger Moth Caterpillar (Acronicta insita)

This is an uncommon moth (previously named Acronicta dactylina), but is widely distributed throughout the United States and southern Canada. The caterpillars are... Continue Reading

Purplish Copper (Lycaena helloides)

These coppers are currently making their second and last appearance for the year in western Montana. We have two flights of... Continue Reading

Alfalfa Looper Moth (Autographa californica)

This beautiful moth, nectaring on a a late-season pollinator magnet (Smooth Blue Aster), is primarily found throughout much of the west... Continue Reading