Join Bug Wrangler Brenna as she explores the world of spider eyes; from the nearly-blind, to the capable hunters. You’ll get to meet some of our smaller arachnids during this live stream!

Watch the Video HERE.

At-Home Activity
Jumping spiders are a ton of fun to watch in action. Here are a few cool videos to see them strut their stuff:

  • This cool video from the BBC is narrated by the one and only David Attenborough. You’ll get to watch a jumping spider go hunting for her next meal, a larger spider! Find the video: HERE.
  • This BBC video follows along as a regal jumping spider (like the ones we have) hunts a fly! Find the video: HERE.
  • Just generally itching for more cool spider facts? Check out this video from SciShow that profiles eight unique spiders. Find the video: HERE.
  • Check out the video of our wolf spider, Karen, catching her weekly cricket. Find the video: HERE.