It’s that time of year again! As we move into spring and summer, I will be taking a break from Notes from the Lab while I focus on our exciting spring and summer programming, as well as preparing for our big move. But don’t worry! You can still read up on local insects in our What’s Buzzin’ dispatch every Friday, and Notes from the Lab will return in the fall. In the meantime, check out what I’ll be up to and where you can see me the next few months!

Citizen DNA Barcode Network

Our DNA barcoding program will return this summer for another season of insect collection, identification and mapping. For the last several years, MBHI has been partnering with the DNA Learning Center in Long Island to identify and map ant, beetle and mosquito species across the US using DNA Barcoding, and now you can join in on the fun! Stay tuned for future announcements about when and where you can sign up.

Insect Abundance

In addition to Barcoding US Ants, we are continuing our insect abundance and biomass survey in partnership with the University of Wisconsin. This project is a continuation of the collaborative study MBHI took part in several years ago, the results of which were recently published in Ecology.
What’s Buzzin’Instead of Notes from the Lab, I’ll be switching focus to head up our weekly What’s Buzzin’ dispatch. Stay tuned to find out what insects are out and about in western Montana; and if you have any submissions, feel free to email me at

Thursdays at SpectrUM

Come meet our bug ambassadors at SpectrUM every Thursday from 3-5pm! We feature a rotating cast of our popular bug ambassadors so you have the opportunity to meet someone new every time. 

Bug Birthdays

For the true bug fanatics, why not celebrate your birthday with our bug ambassadors? This opportunity is not just for kids, either. Schedule a birthday party for you, your kid, or your kid-at-heart. The bugs will bring the fun regardless of your age! Check out our birthday party page for more info or to schedule.

I’m excited to take this time to dive into our spring and summer programming, What’s Buzzin’, and of course, research some new and exciting content for when Notes from the Lab returns in the fall. Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for Notes from the Lab, and stay tuned for future content!