Four-spotted Skimmers are one of the earlier dragonflies on the scene. They are quite large, at up to two inches long, and have a diagnostic black spot halfway along each wing. Across the pond, they are called Four-spotted Chasers and “Described as looking like a ‘flying cigar’ due to their uniform and chunky appearance” (British Dragonfly Society). These “flying cigars” are circumboreal and can be observed across North America, from Arizona and New Mexico in the south to Alaska and the Yukon to the north, throughout Europe and northwestern Africa to Asia and Japan. Like other dragonflies, they are voracious predators. At muddy-bottomed ponds and lakes, Skimmers select a perch that offers a good vantage point, wait for insect prey to fly past, and sally forth in pursuit. They often return to the same perch. Males will patrol territories for both feeding and mating purposes.     

Photos by: Kelly Dix on 5/13/21 near Victor, MT