These beautiful little butterflies can be found all across North America – from southern Canada, in all US states, and into Mexico. Here in MT they can be found from June into October. They are one of the few butterflies in MT that has 2 broods during our short season. They tend to be found in open, sunny places with low vegetation and some bare soil (including prairies, meadows, fields, roadsides, landfills, yards, gardens, pastures, openings and trails in woods). This one was initially found at a trailhead parking lot, gathering minerals from horse poop. As pictured here, adults will roost on tall plant stems beginning in late afternoon. The caterpillars make folded-leaf nests in which they live and feed. The fully-grown caterpillars will overwinter.

Size: Wingspan of 1 to 1.5 inches 

Photo by: Glenn Marangelo on 7/16/22 SW of Phillipsburg, MT