It’s a bess beetle kind of day! Time to dive into the world of these little tunnel-digging, poop-eating, community-living, sound-making beetles!

Watch the Video HERE.

At-Home Activity
Bess beetles use 14 different squeaks to communicate with each other. What types of information do you think they’re trying to communicate? We’d love to hear what you think their 14 squeaks mean. Let us know via social media or drop us a line at Do you think squeak 1 is the beetles’ way of saying “I’m hungry, we need more snacks!”? Or maybe you’re thinking that squeak 12 might be “Watch out, there’s a predator coming!” Don’t be shy, drop us a squeak to let us know what you think!

Bonus Activity: We love just about anything The Bug Chicks create, including this silly video about bess beetles from a few years back.