Join Bug Wrangler Brenna as she continues her look into the secret lives of spiders. Learn about the different types of spider silk and the how they’ve inspired future engineering endeavors.

Watch the Video HERE.

At-Home Activity
Spider silk is a great place to get artistic inspiration. We hope you’ll try this Watercolor Webs activity at home.

  1. Use oil pastels to draw a picture of a web on watercolor paper. You can use any color you’d like but we’d encourage you to try white. You won’t see it very clearly at first, but trust us – it will look cool in the end!
  2. Paint over your web picture with watercolor paints. Make sure your brush is nice and wet. The water in the paints will be repelled by the oil in the oil pastels, and you will be able to see your web standing out against the backdrop of the paints. You can paint a natural habitat, sunset, or any kind of abstract design you can think of.