How much around us is not as it seems? This incredible ant-mimc, about the size of a medium-sized ant, might not have gotten a second look, but it happened to crawl up the leg of a self-professed bug nerd. This species had no prior recorded observations on iNaturalist or BugGuide and we could find little information about it. A type of true bug, it has sucking, beaklike mouthparts, tucked beneath its “chin” and “chest” when not in use. Most plant bugs (family Miridae) feed on vegetation and are herbivores, often feeding on a particular host tree or plant. Some prey on other invertebrates, and many are omnivores, feeding on both plants and invertebrates. As a group, they are typically small and delicate, with long, slender legs and antennae, and have a special crease in the front wing

Photo by: Glenn Marangelo on 7/17/21 near Philipsburg, MT