It’s time to meet the masters of disguise that call the Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium home. We’ll meet Vietnamese walking sticks, Australian walking sticks and even a praying mantis to learn how and why they’ve adapted to stay out of sight.

Watch the video online HERE.

At-Home Activity
Flip through the magazines you have lying around your house. Can you find any pictures of bugs in there that you can cut out? If not, you can always search the internet for cool bug pictures to print out or draw your very own bug. Once you have your bug picture, trim around the edges and glue it down to a blank sheet of paper. Take a good look at your bug. What colors do you see? What kinds of shapes? Use what you’ve noticed about your bug to design and draw a habitat for it to live in. Make sure there are places for it to hide and blend in so it can hide from predators and maybe sneak up on its own prey!