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What’s Buzzin’? — Sulphur Knapweed Moth (Agapeta zoegana)

  • August 3, 2017

Sulphur Knapweed Moth (Agapeta zoegana) — These bright yellow moths were introduced from Europe in 1984 to help combat the spread of knapweed.... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Satin Moth (Leucoma salicis)

Satin Moth (Leucoma salicis) — A beautiful, but non-native species, Satin Moths were introduced from Europe in 1920 and can now be found... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Bristly Cutworm (Lacinipolia renigera)

Bristly Cutworm (Lacinipolia renigera) — Like many moths, the true beauty of the Bristly Cutworm comes from closer observation. The white-rimmed green spots help... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Many-spotted Tiger Moth(Hypercompe permaculata)

Many-spotted Tiger Moth (Hypercompe permaculata) — This heavily spotted species of tiger moth is also known as the Western Leopard Moth. They can... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Confusing Petrophila Moth (Petrophila confusalis)

Confusing Petrophila Moth (Petrophila confusalis) — These small and beautiful moths are pretty unique. Their larvae feed on algae on rocks in... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Angled Wave (Scopula ancellata)

Angled Wave (Scopula ancellata) — A quick internet search revealed very little information about this beautiful moth …proving once again that when it... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Sigmoid Prominent (Clostera albosigma)

Sigmoid Prominent (Clostera albosigma) – These elegant-looking moths can be found coast-to-coast in the US and southern Canada, but tend to be rare... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Stink Bug (probably in the subgenus Chlorochroa)

  • July 28, 2017

Stink Bug (probably in the subgenus Chlorochroa) — Most stink bugs in this genus are broadly oval, green to brownish or... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Great Spangled Fritillary, female (Speyeria cybele)

Great Spangled Fritillary, female (Speyeria cybele) — Fritillaries can give you a headache when it comes to identification. Most individuals are... Continue Reading

What’s Buzzin’? — Ten Lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata)

Ten Lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata) — At about an inch in length, these beetles are hard to miss when they... Continue Reading