This orbweaver managed to capture a mating pair of dragonflies. An unfortunate end for the pair …but more evidence that it’s a bug eat bug world out there. Like other female orbweavers (family Araneidae), they construct intricate, circular webs to ensnare their insect prey. Adult male orbweavers are typically smaller and not often seen. They generally do not spin webs, but wander in the search for potential mates. Look for these silver-tinged beauties in open places with tall grasses or shrubs across southern Canada and throughout the U.S. (and many other countries around the world). The females will soon die, but the next generation will overwinter as eggs in a kettledrum-shaped sac that may contain more than 1000 eggs.

Size: Body length 15-25 mm (female), 4-6 mm (male)

Photos by: Glenn Marangelo on 8/15/21 near Condon, MT