Articles by: Brenna Shea

What’s Buzzin – 4/21/23

This week we’re finally seeing some of our early butterflies, as well as some early-emerging aquatic insects. Our local arthropods are certainly taking advantage of the few-and-far-between sunny days; before […]

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Closeup of a metallic black ground beetle.

What’s Buzzin’ – 4/14/23

It’s that time of year! Despite variable weather, the insects are emerging from their winter slumber to soak up the warmer days (just like we are). We’ve already seen our […]

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Notes from the Lab: Ladybugs in the Garden

Recently, while collaborating on a science fair project with a Sentinel high school student, we received a package of 1000 live ladybugs. The charismatic little beetles arrived with a shipment […]

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Notes from the Lab: Valentine’s Flies

Regardless of whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or end up boycotting the entire first half of February, chances are, you’ve consumed chocolate in some form or another these past couple […]

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Notes from the Lab: Bees at Play

Play is usually identified as a uniquely mammalian trait. We recognize it in our pets, in non-human primates, and even wild animals. But we don’t often recognize it in non-mammalian […]

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