These moths look almost pettable, with their thick long scales. Besides their “fur,” you may notice how they hold their wavy-edged, gray and rust-colored wings at rest. The forewings are held tent-like, while the hindwings stick out horizontally. Color, shape, and wing position all work beautifully together to transform them into a “dead leaf.” Adults are nocturnal, have reduced mouthparts and do not feed, and are strong fliers with a rapid buzzing flight. Caterpillars are generalists and feed on leaves of a wide variety of shrubs and trees. This moth is found in most of North America except in the Southeast. It is common to abundant in all forests and riparian habitats throughout the Pacific Northwest, occurring at most elevations to near timberline.

Size: Wingspan 29 to 49 mm

Photo by: Lisa Ann Cloo on 6/20/22 in Clinton, MT