School’s Out Day Camps

Throughout the year there are a few days that schools across Missoula close for teacher development programs or other events. Unfortunately, for many working parents these dates don’t always line up with traditional office holidays. The Missoula Insectarium is excited to host School’s Out Day Camps on many of these dates to give kids a fun, safe place to explore and learn while their parents are at work. These day camps are full days of fun games, activities, adventures, and lots and lots of bug time.

Spring 2019 Dates
Monday, February 11th  [SOLD OUT]
Monday, February 18th
Friday, March 8th [SOLD OUT]
Monday, April 22nd

Cost: $50, $45 for members
Length: 9 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Ages: 5 – 11

Sign your kids up for a School’s Out Bug Camp today on our registration page!

For more information: Museum Educator, Carolyn Wiley Taber –

Summer Camps

Each summer we host four wonderful, week-long day camps here at the Insectarium. Each day features bug holding opportunities, time outside observing bugs in their natural habitat, fun games, projects, and activities.

Cost: $200, $180 for members
Length: 9 p.m. – 4 p.m. for 5 consecutive days
Ages: 5 – 11

All of our camps are full for this summer. If you would like to join our wait list, please fill out the form here.

Pollinator Power [SOLD OUT] 6/24 – 6/28

Bees and butterflies and flowers, oh my! In honor of National Pollinator Week we’ll be spending our days learning all about how pollinators work, the importance of pollination, and how to conserve and support our pollinating friends. Between buzzing bees, beautiful butterflies and blooming gardens – there is a ton to learn about in the world of powerful pollinators. We’ll play games, go on bug hunts in area parks, build beautiful creations and hold real life Bug Ambassadors every day.1

“What’s Buzzin’” – Bugs of Missoula [SOLD OUT] 7/8 – 7/12

Ever wondered what that cool, weird bug is that your kiddo has found under a leaf in your yard? Are they always chasing down bugs and trying to learn more about the bugs all around them? This is the camp for them! We’ll explore the wild world of bugs in Missoula. We’ll talk about local food webs and ecosystems, investigate the aquatic insects of the Clark Fork River and hunt for bugs in and around the parks downtown. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to spend meeting and holding some of the Insectarium’s most exotic insect species too!

Creative Creatures [SOLD OUT] 7/22 – 7/26

During our Creative Creatures Bug Camp we’ll take on a whole new set of creative projects. We’ll learn by creating books, paintings, prototypes and more. This camp sits right at the intersection of art and science. What’s better than expressing what you’re seeing through the eye of a microscope with oil pastels, creating a model spider web or a 3D honeybee hive? We can’t think of much! We’ll explore, hold live Bug Ambassadors and go on bug hunts every day. This camp is perfect for all young bug lovers, especially those with artistic inclinations!

Wild World of Bugs [SOLD OUT] 8/5 – 8/9

In this camp we’re going to do it all. Experiments? Check. Art projects? Yup. Bug hunts? Of course. Games? Definitely. We’ll cover everything from camouflage to animal weaponry, biomimicry to predators, butterflies to tarantulas. Pollinators, decomposers, predators, oh my! This camp will have a little bit of everything for everyone. We’ll be playing our “Greatest Hits” activities with plenty of space to take requests!

A few testimonials from past camp parents:

“I won’t hesitate to look for this camp and include it in our summer scheduling next year! I have video of my son presenting his science fair project to me and it is something I will cherish forever. He already knew so much about bugs, but he shocked me with the big words he was using and explanation of concepts that I don’t even fully understand. It was a super proud mom moment!” – parent of a past camper

“A month later and I’m still hearing bits and pieces of things Morgan learned, and memories from her time in camp.” – parent of a past bug camper

“On the drive home each day, my two kids and their two friends would go on and on relaying all the bug facts they learned each day. They would excitedly talk over each other, getting louder and louder, kindly correcting each other … I wish I recorded it. It was hilarious and they all learned a tremendous amount!” – parent of a past bug camper

For more information: Museum Educator, Carolyn Taber –

As you can see, we have a good amount of fun with our Bug Campers! Scroll through for some great images from this summer’s three bug camps.