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Macculloch’s Forester (Androloma maccullochii)

  • July 22, 2022

The Macculloch’s flies in spring and summer, generally earlier at low elevations and later at higher elevations. Adults visit flowers, with... Continue Reading

Water Scorpion (genus Ranatra)

If you’ve ever walked the shoreline of a small, shallow western Montana pond or bog, you’ve likely walked right by a... Continue Reading

Robber Fly (family Asilidae)

Perfectly described in the Kaufman Field Guide to North America, robber flies “are to other insects what falcons are to other birds: swift predators... Continue Reading

Stilt Bug (Neoneides muticus)

One look and you’ll know how these bugs earned their name. Delicate, slender and long-legged, stilt bugs are typically less than... Continue Reading

Cobweb Spider (Steatoda borealis)

Cobwebs spiders (family Theridiidae) are often housemates, wanted or otherwise. Even if you don’t see them, you may find their handiwork—messy,... Continue Reading

Northern Checkerspot (Chlosyne palla blackmorei)

  • July 15, 2022

This is one of several species of checkerspot butterflies in western Montana. Checkerspots are generally medium-sized, larger than crescents, and have orange and black... Continue Reading

Western Eyed Click Beetle (Alaus melanops)

These large beetles (with noticeable eyespots) inhabit coniferous forests and are typically found from June through July. Their larvae live in dead or... Continue Reading

Sphinx Moth (Smerinthus ophthalmica)

The next generation of one of the most common and widespread moths in the Pacific Northwest is on its way! The... Continue Reading

Leafcutter Bee (genus Megachile)

If you’ve ever noticed nearly perfect ovals, circles or semicircles cut out of leaves (and even flowers), you might have some... Continue Reading

Small Milkweed Bug (Lygaeus kalmii)

These colorful true bugs can be found throughout the US and southern Canada. Adults feed on milkweed seeds and nectar from... Continue Reading