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Notes from the Lab: Insect Delicacies

  • March 4, 2021

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Cereal? Eggo waffles? Pan-fried scorpion? If consuming insects has never crossed your mind,... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: Solifugids

  • February 25, 2021

We’ve finally reached sunshine season! Well, kind of. We’ve reached that season where the sun comes out and gives one the sense... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: Schmidt Pain Index

  • February 18, 2021

We’ve all been there; contentedly enjoying a summer afternoon, traipsing across the lawn in bare feet when: boom. Bee underfoot. A yelp... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: Caterpillar Goo

  • February 11, 2021

As the designated “bug person” in my circle of family and friends, it probably comes as no surprise that I often receive... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: Myrmecophiles

  • February 4, 2021

Last week we covered several unique mimicry and camouflage strategies arthropods use to avoid being lunch. However there was a specific strategy I left out; not... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: The Art of Blending In

  • January 28, 2021

By now, you’re probably familiar with some of our camouflage experts here at MBHI: our walking sticks and praying mantids are... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: Mushiking

  • January 21, 2021

When Beatlemania swept across the planet in the early and mid-60’s, beetlemania was already alive and well in Japan, and had been... Continue Reading

Notes from the Lab: Bess Beetles

  • January 14, 2021

This week I want to introduce you to our small herd of Odontotaenius disjunctus, or Bess Beetles! These ground-dwelling, social insects belong to... Continue Reading

Winter Caddisfly in the genus Psychoglypha

  • January 8, 2021

At first glance, caddisflies look much like their closest living relatives — the moths and butterflies. How to tell the two... Continue Reading

Winter Crane Fly in the genus Trichocera

There are close to 30 species of winter crane flies in North America. Compared to some of the massive crane flies... Continue Reading