One of the more common questions we get is, “How do you get all your bugs?”

To put it simply, the come to us through the mail! Late spring/early summer is the best time to ship bugs: not too hot, and not too cold. One of our main suppliers of North American insects is Bugs in Cyberspace. On Wednesday, we received a new shipment of animals. To meet our newest Bug Ambassadors, read on!

Florida Ivory Millipede

You’re probably familiar with these friendly millipedes: Chicobolus spinigerus are regulars at outreach events and were featured frequently at our Encounter Cart. Over time, our colony dwindled and we had to order some more.

Scarlet Millipede

This is a new millipede species for us! The scarlet millipede, Trigoniulus corallinus, has been naturalized in Florida but originally hails from southeast Asia.

Smooth Death Feigning Beetle

You’ve met the blues, now meet the… smooths? Asbolus laevis is closely related to our popular Blue Death Feigning Beetles, and reportedly take the act of feigning death to the next level by twitching their legs while on their back. This has helped earned them the popular nickname, Pop and Lock Beetles.

Fishing Spiders

New spiders are always exciting, but these new spiders are entirely new to all of us at MBHI. Dolomedes triton, the Six-Spotted Fishing Spider, and Dolomedes okefinokensis, the Okefenokee Fishing Spider, are two species of fishing spider that have the potential to go on exhibit in the future. Now, I have to tell you, I loved building dioramas as a kid, and one of the most fun aspects of my job is building miniaturized habitats for our animals. The fishing spiders, as you might guess, live near water and prey on aquatic animals, vertebrates and invertebrates alike. So their tank setup is proving to be a fun, new challenge.

Stay tuned for future deep-dives into these animal’s life histories!