The clover hayworm moth is a small, purplish rose and yellow colored moth with a unique way of resting, with the tip of the abdomen pointed in the air. It’s fairly common in the eastern two-thirds of the US and the larvae feed mostly on dried plant matter. In the past it was a prolific pest of haystacks, but with changes in storage methods the problem has largely been eliminated. Large outbreaks are easily noticeable since the larvae cover their food source in a filmy web of silk. Occasionally the caterpillars make their ways inside homes on dead plant material. There are some infamous moths within the larger family (Pyralidae), notably the Meditaranean Flour Moth and the Indian-meal Moth. Larvae of both feed on stored grains, flour, and dried plant material, sometimes becoming serious pests.
Photo by Glenn Marangelo on 7/29/20 in Missoula, MT