What’s Buzzin’

What can you see around Western Montana right now?

Giant Salmonfly (Pteronarcys californica)

With bright orange coloration behind the head and underneath the abdomen, this species of giant stonefly can grow up to 3 inches in length.They are weak, uncoordinated-looking flyers—looking like they […]

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Mining Bee, male (genus Andrena)

Andrenas are commonly referred to as “mining bees,” because they construct underground nests. If you scour the ground along park trails, you may spy the holes of Andrena nests, usually […]

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Mason Bee (genus Osmia)

There are about 150 species of mason bees in North America. They tend to be metallic green, blue-black, or blue-green in color and have beefy little bodies. Most species are […]

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Sweat Bee (family Halictidae)

Some species of sweat bees are attracted to our sweat, alighting on our skin and lapping it up for moisture and salt. They sometimes sting if disturbed, though the sting is not very painful. […]

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Echo Azure (Celastrina echo)

This species of butterfly falls in a subfamily of butterflies known as the blues because …well, the top-side of their wings is blue in color. They are generally one of the first blues seen […]

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Thin-legged Wolf Spider (genus Pardosa)

Some of the largest spiders encountered in Montana are wolf spiders …and when you see one carrying around a blue, pea-sized “golf ball,” you take notice. Wolf spider mothers attach […]

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