Missoula Butterfly House & Insectarium Programs
at spectrUM Discovery Area

Considering a field trip at spectrUM, Missoula’s hands-on science center? Why not have the bugs meet you there! We have two exciting ways for you to incorporate our Bug Ambassadors into your spectrUM field trip experience.

Drop-in Bug Encounter Cart

60 program + $15 spectrUM administration fee per field trip date

SpectrUM field trips include 45 minutes of formal programming and 45 minutes of open exploration time in their museum space. During your class's open exploration time we will join you in the museum with a lineup of Bug Ambassadors to meet and hold. This is an informal opportunity for students to drop in and meet the bugs as they explore the exhibits.

Private Bug Survival Skills Field Trip

$100 for the first program, $50 for each additional program on the same day + $15 spectrUM administration fee per field trip date

This formal program is in addition to your spectrUM field trip and museum exploration time. Your students will learn all about the special adaptations and behaviors arthropods use to survive in the wild. Live Bug Ambassadors are an integral part of this program, which also features games and activities facilitated by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic educator. If you’re looking to extend your field trip day at the library, this is a great opportunity to add another formal program to your lineup. Bug Survival Skills field trips are 45 minutes long and take place at the Missoula Public Library.

Costs above are in addition to standard SpectrUM field trip costs.
For more information and to schedule, contact Caitlin Ervin or call (406) 728-STEM (7836).