Bugs Around Town

We want all you bug lovers out there to have a chance to visit with your favorite Bug Ambassadors during our transition to our permanent facility. We’ve partnered with some great organizations in town to do just that.

Regularly Occurring Programs

Thursdays, 3:00 – 5:00pm at spectrUM
The University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area is Missoula’s hands-on science center dedicated to inspiring a culture of learning and discovery for all. Every Thursday we’ll be taking over their Discovery Bench! We’ll be there with a great lineup of bugs to hold.

Location: Level two of the the Missoula Public Library, 455 E. Main St.
Cost: Free

Semi-Regular Programs

With so many fun community events happening throughout the year, expect to see us at a range of festivals, markets, fairs and more. View our calendar for the latest. Please contact us if you’re interested in having us table at your event.

Are you a teacher looking for information about connecting your students with our Bug Ambassadors? Check out our Bugs on the Move, Bugs at the Museum: Programs at MNHC and Bugs at the Museum: Programs at spectrUM pages.