This is a page just for teachers and is full of
lesson plans, resources, a feedback form and other goodies.

Pre Field Trip Activities

These lesson plans were sent out before the start of your program. We are sharing them here incase you missed those lessons or would like to revisit them after your field trip has taken place. Many of these activities are still helpful even after your visit.

These lessons will be available shortly as we finish the transition to our Bugs on the Move and Bugs at the Museum programs.

Post Field Trip Activities 

We have cultivated a series of simple lessons to use in your classroom after coming on a field trip to the Insectarium. The activities are designed to enhance your experience at the Insectarium but are not a requirement. Essentially, if you have time to squeeze in these activities, great! If not, don’t worry!

These lessons will be available shortly as we finish the transition to our Bugs on the Move and Bugs at the Museum programs.

Resources We Love 

  • The Wild Kratts TV show on PBS has a great website and great episodes that address biomimicry. Their content is accurate and fun.
  • The Bug Ambassador Bios on our own Insectarium website is a great reference point if kids want to remember details about their favorite bug friends.
  • The web series ScienceTake from the New York Times will be a bit beyond most elementary school level students but it is a great video series for teachers to get a look at current research topics. The videos are simple, well done and only last two to four minutes.
  • Interested in attracting pollinators to your school yard or garden? Our handy Pollinator Guide can help get you started.
  • During the Insect Engineering field trip we talk in great detail about what happens when a tarantula molts. Sometimes nothing compares to actually seeing it with your own eyes. Thanks to YouTube there are plenty of opportunities to watch a time lapse video of this process. Take a peak at this Mexican Red Knee Tarantula molting.
  • Learning the difference between a millipede and a centipede can be exciting and challenging. Here is an easy to follow infographic on the subject. It is geared towards adults but is a good way to ground your own understanding of the topic before engaging with your students.
  • The SciShow is a locally produced video series that covers a wide range of topics. Here are a few of our favorites:

Observation Journal Pages 

At the link below you will be able to download and print additional copies of our Observation Journal pages. If students were exciting to continue drawing in their books you can print these out to add to the end of their Journals. Blank pages can be found HERE.

Further Questions?

We know that kids are often coming up with follow up questions hours and days after a field trip. If they’ve got one that has you stumped, let us know and we’ll do our best to get back to you with an answer!


We are always looking to improve our field trips, to that end are looking to collect feedback from those directly engaging in our programs. Feedback regarding your recent experience with one of our programs is incredibly valuable to us as we look to evolve, expand and improve our offerings. If you could take just five minutes to fill out the survey found below we would greatly appreciate it!