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Scholarship Application 

Please fill out the form below to apply for a program scholarship at the Insectarium. If granted a scholarship all of your program costs will be covered but you will still be responsible for your own transportation to and from the Insectarium. We have a limited number of scholarships available so please apply promptly to be included this school year. Field trips must take place by March 1st.


  • Example: Three first grade classes - Mr. Joe Smith, Ms. Katie Jones, Mrs. Liz Sims.
  • If you are applying with a group of teachers (all first grade teachers, for example) please list the total number of students you are looking to bring to the Insectarium. It is helpful to know an approximate number of students per class. For example: 62 kids, in three classes of about 20 - 21 each.
  • Please briefly explain how our programing connects to the content you are covering in your classroom and how a trip to the Insectarium will improve your students' understanding of that content.
  • Program descriptions can be found on our website at: