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Field Trips for grades 6 – 8 offer a unique way to look at the world of insects and their relatives. Middle school students will have an exciting hands-on experience during their field trip to the Missoula Insectarium. All middle school field trips are engaging project-based learning opportunities.

Take a sneak peek at the new materials that have arrived at the Insectarium to facilitate these fun new programs.

Program Scholarships

Thanks to the generous support from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation we are able to offer a limited number of program scholarships this fall and winter. Priority will be given to Title 1 schools and those with financial need. To apply, please fill out the scholarship application at the link HERE.

Please note that there is a $40 cancellation fee for field trips cancelled within 72 hours of the program start time.

Currently Offering: Bess Beetle Lab

Grade Levels: 6 – 8
Number of Students: 30
Duration: 2 hours
During this lab students will conduct a series of experiments testing the strength and pulling power of Bess Beetles. An interdisciplinary adventure, students will complete a series of simple calculations to fully understand their results (and to compare their own strength to that of a Bess Beetle!). The field trip wraps up with student teams designing and conducting their own experiment, with Bess Beetles as the focal point of their investigations.

Stay Tuned for Future programs

Cost & Group Size: The base cost for a field trip is $40, which covers up to 10 students. Each additional student is $4. For middle school groups, smaller class sizes are appreciated and the best group size is 15 students. If you have a larger group, we can work with you to suggest ways of splitting up your group for the day to make this possible. We also require at least 1 adult chaperone per 10 children. Field trips are $4 for each additional chaperone.

A Special Note for Homeschool Groups: For groups of homeschooling families we require a minimum of 10 students. The cost is $4 per person (adults and students); the lead chaperone who is coordinating the field trip is free. Younger siblings that are under the age of 4 and are not participating in the field trip are free as well but will need to be looked after by a parent or chaperone. The lead chaperone will be asked to provide a count on the number of field trip participants and a credit card for advance payment. Joining families can arrange payment to that chaperone at their convenience. If more families attend than are expected an additional charge to that credit card can happen at the end of the field trip.

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