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Spotted Tussock Moth (Lophocampa maculata)

  • June 5, 2020

These beautiful moths can be found across southern Canada, in the western US, and in the east as far south as... Continue Reading

Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis)

This species of lady beetle was introduced to the US in the early 1900’s to help control aphids. Although non-native, they... Continue Reading

Stink Bug (Cosmopepla uhleri)

This beautiful species of True Bug (order Hemiptera) has the unflattering family name of “Stink Bug” (family Pentatomidae). We did not... Continue Reading

Spittlebug (family Cercopidae)

This is not a very common sight …seeing a spittlebug nymph outside of its namesake protective white glob of spittle. Spittlebug... Continue Reading

Pale Swallowtail (Papilio eurymedon)

Swallowtails are hard to miss. They are our largest butterflies and boldly patterned, with most sporting “tails” on the hindwings. The... Continue Reading

May Beetle, also called June Bug (genus Phyllophaga)

We have had two May Beetle sightings this week. A big thank you to young bug enthusiasts Morgan, Mariah and Aerin... Continue Reading

Ceanothus Silkmoth (Hyalophora euryalus)

Addie was greeted by this massive moth on her way out the door to work this past Monday …a perfect way... Continue Reading

Mason Bee (genus Osmia)

While our native bees can be difficult to identify to species, we know for sure this bee is in the genus... Continue Reading

Robber Fly, bumblebee mimic (genus Laphria)

At first glance, these extremely capable (and seemingly always hungry) predators look like a medium-sized bumblebee. Their “bearded” face is one... Continue Reading

Polyphemus Silkmoth (Antheraea polyphemus)

This is our most widespread silkmoth in the US. It is also one of our largest, with a wingspan of up... Continue Reading