Peek at Polly, our Goliath Birdeating Tarantula!

She has grown quite a bit in her time at the Insectarium, and will continue to do so throughout her life by periodically molting. To see just how much Polly has grown, be sure to check out her old molts at the front desk!

Home Range: Northern South America
Habitat: Upland rainforests
Wild Diet: The Goliath birdeater’s wild diet consists of small herpetofauna and arthropods, with the occasional small rodent, bat, or young bird, though – despite its name – this is rare.

One the world’s largest spiders, the Goliath birdeater’s leg span can reach to more than 10 inches!  They can also make a loud hissing noise, called stridulation, by rubbing the bristles on their legs together.